Land status established


PORTIONS 401 and 402 in the milinch Erap Fourmil Markham, is the official description on which the Nadzab Airport Land and other associated facilities are located.
It is State land on lease from two clans from Gabsongkeg village.
There are clear and conclusive acquisition documents done by the colonial administration kiaps, highlighting whom the original traditional landowners were, with whom the State had been dealing with till now.
This is clearly evidenced by both the State and the identified traditional landowners, honouring both their lease terms and conditions, with the State paying annual lease rentals to the two clans.
In turn the clans allow the State’s undisturbed usage of the airport land for the duration of the lease.
So the claims by two brothers Paul Joshua and Joshua Meshach, to represent nine clans from Gabsongkeg village whom they assert own parcels of land within the Nadzab Airport Land, is dubious.
Both persons should consult the Department of Lands and Physical Planning records to ascertain the current status of Nadzab Airport Land rather than mislead their people over their unwarranted dubious claims. The land ownership status had already been established during the colonial administration period, through due diligent land investigation processes and procedures.
So there is no need for any further land mediation, land court hearing and or adjudication by the Land Title Commission as asserted by Meshach, to be established.

Lorenitz Gaius,
Ketskets village

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