Land title cleared for New Hanover school

Islands, Normal

THE New Ireland provincial government has paid more than K90,000 to six landowners groups in New Hanover, New Ireland province, to build a new high school.
The signing of the title deeds for the land took place at Konomatalik and was witnessed by Governor Sir Julius Chan last Thursday.
Sir Julius witnessed provincial administrator Simeon Malai and director of Lands Mark Waine make the transfer of ownership of the land from the six landowner groups to the provincial government.
The provincial government paid K93,207 to the six landowner clans, which effectively cleared the way for the new Konomatalik High School to be built at a cost of K750,000.
Sir Julius stressed that Grade 10 classes be introduced next year.
The provincial government was adamant that the land issues which had slowed the advance of this project would be settled this month.
“I have made a commitment to build a modern high school for New Hanover and I am insistent, against all odds, to fulfill that commitment,” he said.
Sir Julius acknowledged the understanding and support of the landowners and people of Lavongai towards this important impact project that would enable future generations of New Hanover to have a decent education.
Meanwhile, the joint provincial planning and budget priorities committee and the PEC meeting has delivered New Ireland’s K133 million budget for 2010.