Land title for Chinatown cleared

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LANDS Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the land title given to a Chinese company to build a Chinatown at 5-Mile in Port Moresby has been cleared.
The land title was given to Baosen International Holding Limited.
Tkatchenko told The National that the department had cleared the title over the land which was once the centre of a dispute between Telikom PNG and Post PNG.
He said the issue was resolved when Telikom decided to sell the land to the Chinese company.
Baosen International Holding Limited director Ling-Sen Junior declined to disclose how much was paid to Telikom for the land.
There had also been a plan by the Catholic church to build a hospital on the same piece of land but that did not eventuate.
Tkatchenko said issues over the land had been settled and it was now sold to the new developer.
“I’ve gone through everything. Everything is fine, proper and done correctly. There is no red flag submitted to me, nothing at all,” he said.
National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop said its physical planning board had received a plan of the development.
He said it was a massive investment in the city and featured Chinatown – a popular shopping area in big cities around the world.
“It brings business and investment, tourism and culture together. It’s going to be a Chinese feature blended into Papua New Guinea features. It’s going to be a win-win situation.
“I’m happy that we now have a Chinatown that is authentic, real and modern.”

One thought on “Land title for Chinatown cleared

  • According to Baosen International Trading Ltd. Co number 2210948 was formed 2015 Mar 13.
    It was dissolved 2019 Jan 4. So that doesn’t look like this unknown company just given prime land in Moresby
    However, Minister Justin Tkatchenko told ABC News ‘He did not know much about Baosen International Holding, the company behind the Chinatown development.’
    Does anyone know anything about this company

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