Landowner firm willing to resolve differences

The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

A LOGGING landowner company in Sohe, Northern, is willing to sort out differences with the District Development Authority.
Yema Gaipa Developers Limited chairman Rhynold Gobara said now that the payments to be made to groups and organisations outside the logging-affected areas had been halted, they  were ready to work with the District Development Authority.
Gobara told The National in Lae that more than K800,000 derived from the logging export levy for the area known as Forest Permit Area 5-01, which their group held the permit to, was allocated to organisations and groups from outside the area.
Gobara said Ward 14, 15, 16 and 17 areas in the Tamata Local Level Government, through their nominated landowner company, should be the rightful beneficiaries to the logging export levies and no one else.
“We are willing and ready to work with the District Development Authorityand the local MP but this issue needs to be ironed out,” Gobara said.
“The log export levy is not derived from Sasembata Saiho TRP, Kumusi Siai TRP, Ioma Block 4 nor Ioma Block 5.
“It is from Ioma Block 3, Yema Local Forest Area permit held by us – permit number 5-01.
Gobara areas affected by the project within  the Tamata local level governments should be given foremost priority.
“Priority should be given to areas directly affected by the project within the Tamata local level government – wards 14, 15, 16 and 17.”
Gobara said due diligence and processes must be followed by the District Development Authority when allocating the funds so that the affected areas do not miss out.
Gobara urged the District Development Authority to draw up proper funding allocations for the project that would benefit all.