Landowner group chairman cries foul over exploration license

Highlands, Normal

The National –Wednesday, January 5, 2011


THE chairman of a landowner group at Enga’s Mt Kare gold deposit area has described the exploration licence 1093 warden hearing in Andita in Porgera and Tari as illegal.

Members of the Apa Youpe Mt Kare Gold Deposits Ltd said the warden hearing was organised by other people who were not the landowners.

Chairman Isape Lape said genuine landowners would have their warden hearing with the authorities this year.

Lape said the warden hearing conducted by other parties in Andita and Tari last Nov 17-18 was illegal and not recognised by his group.

He was concern that other groups of people claiming to be the landowners were going around conducting series of meetings without their knowledge.

Lape, in a letter that had been distributed to relevant authorities, said people who were not landowners of Mt Kare had allegedly conducted an illegal EL1093 warden hearing in Andita (Piyala) and Tari.

Lape said the Pakea major clan that comprises the Lyaipi, Youl, Lamdopa, Komai, Kewai, and Putjro clans, who were supposed to be involved in the hearing, were not consulted.

He said other groups who were illegally negotiating the involvement of a mining company, would only disrupt the progress of the mine.

He said Mt Kare landowners were available, and those who were authorised by the Apa Youpe Mt Kare Gold Deposits Ltd, were supposed to deal with the formalities.

He said Apa Youpe’s warden hearing would be held early this year after proper consultation with interested 

companies and other landowner issues are resolved.