Landowner group pledges to work with LNG developer

National, Normal

The National – Monday, January 3, 2011


The people of Benaria pipeline project area have given that assurance to the government and the PNG LNG project partners that there will be no disturbance in the project area especially the pipeline segment from Benaria Cow Paddock to Maruba (Block 1738 Segment 2).

Chairman of Benaria area sustainable (BAS) development Ltd, Rex Kapa told The National yesterday that BAS development Ltd would fully support the PNG LNG project especially ExxonMobil and its EPC contractors to carry out construction activities on their land from Benaria cow paddock to Maruba.

He said that BAS development Ltd stands ready to work with the project developers in making sure this project was successful for the benefit of the country.

He commended concerned ministers, their departments and their respective departmental heads for their tireless efforts in recognising BAS Development Ltd as a genuine landowner company and releasing business development grants (BDG) after the government books had been closed for the festive season. 

Kapa said that armed with the seed capital, BAS Development Ltd were ready to work with the project developers and to participate in whatever ways it could with this financial capacity.

“Our share of the BDG has gone right to the genuine landowners and reached the heart of the grassroots of our project area,” he said.

He gave his assurance that they would support the state team during the upcoming social mapping and landowner identification studies and its subsequent ILG formulations.

“We are ready to support and we will rightfully be identified as genuine landowners on our land, in our small villages and hamlets and will stand united to move the project forward,” he said.