Landowner identification prioritised


THE completion of landowner identification project in the PNG LNG project impact areas will be a priority for the Department of Petroleum and Energy this year, secretary David Manau says.
He took over the position from acting secretary Lohial Nuau in Port Moresby on Tuesday.
Manau said they planned to complete all outstanding clan vetting or landowner beneficiary identification programmes this year.
“The clan vetting or landowner identification project is around 90 per cent complete, in terms of the signed ministerial determinations for the PNG LNG project,” he said.
“This work was stalled by various judicial review court cases in Hides PDL1 (petroleum development licence) and PDL 7 in mid-2019.
“There are 22 clan vetting court cases and 14 judicial reviews pending. For PDL 8 Angore, the ADR (alternative dispute resolution) is still outstanding.
“And we will immediately consult with the National Court ADR Track for a way forward for Angore PDL 8 mediation report to be completed.”
Manau said only then could the Minister for Petroleum and Energy Kerenga Kua make the landowner beneficiary determinations under section 169 Oil and Gas Act, for Angore landowners.
He expects it to be completed before June this year.
“The clan vetting for PDL 9 Juha has been completed and our team are reviewing information, including legal advice on past court cases, to be presented to the minister and will be completed by March.”


  • Thats great, you know the problem so there wont be a problem under your care.
    We the Juha Landowners waiting for ministerial determination as we have completed our Clan vetting.
    We cannot wait for Hides court vases as we are diferent Project.
    Therefore Juha landowners waiting to hear from you our good secretary.
    Thank you and God bless

  • On 2009 March 6th That is ELEVEN years ago Paramount chief of the Tuguba Tribe Marago Tate told The Post Courier:
    ‘The project developer had failed to do a proper social mapping and landowner identification in the first place, which has resulted in fragmented land owner associations in PDL1 and PRL12 areas.’
    ‘So what?’ said oilygarch

  • The PDL9 Juha project is a football field for paper Landowners, Department of petroleum & energy and the developer to see fit that they can signed in 300 plus Major clans into Six blocks of Land..
    Can you do a thorough clan vetting and social Mapping on this project.
    Duma has done Determinations already and the project is owned by fhebis and tugubas as legitimate Landowners..
    I appeal the first Social Mapping report so why didn’t the Department have the cutesy now to call me mi to review and demarcate the Fhebi and Tuguba Land Boundary?
    Your response please my Secretary

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