Landowner upbeat

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The National, Thursday 30th May 2013

 A WOMAN in the Sinivit gold mine area is excited about the potential benefits they will receive following the election of directors for their landowner association.

Mary Barupen from Gaulim in East New Britain said they hoped to get more spin-off benefits from the mine.

Barupen said the directors of the Sinivit Landowners Association would represent the people and voice their concerns

“This is the first time something like this has been done and we are very excited,” she said.

Barupen admitted if such process was followed in the past, it would have helped them a lot in terms of establishing projects to benefit them.

She said the process now being followed under the review of the memorandum of agreement of the mine project should see an improvement in health and education services and road infrastructures.

Since Canadian developer New Guinea Gold Ltd began explorations in the area, landowners have been pleading for infrastructures such as roads, school buildings and electricity.