Landowners’ behaviour uncalled for

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 16th Febuary 2012

THE headlines on ugly scenes last Friday at Vulu­pindi Haus were unnecessary.
The principal landow­ners, the sub-landowners and the so-called paper landowners have demonstrated the behaviour and attitudes of savages who have no respect for the se­ven million people of PNG.
They showed that they belong somewhere else.
They should understand the nature of the funds which should not be given to them freely.
The infrastructure deve­lopment grant is not free money and they must un­derstand that.
The grants are there as a result of the income tax the people of PNG pay every fortnight and GST they pay everyday.
Mind you, more often than not, the money will end up in nightclubs, hotels and women in Port Moresby, leaving the poor people back at home suffering.
The government has to be careful and it would be best to do away with such funds in future.

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