Landowners’ firm urged to be accountable to clan members

Lae News, Normal

The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

A BUSULAM clan member has called on the BUP landowner company management and staff to be accountable and transparent in their business dealings to serve
the interests of the community.
“In any business dealings, the BUP Development Ltd needs to be transparent and accountable because it is owned by three clans – Busulum at Butibam, Uapuc in Kamkumung and Poalu from Yanga villages,” Michael Earley Daure said.
BUP Development Ltd is a landowner company that comprises three incorporated land group clans from three of the six Ahi villages.
“As a concerned ILG member of the Busulum clan of Butibam village and speaking on behalf of the majority of those three respective clans, company annual general meetings must be held annually and financial reports be presented to prove that the management operates productively,” Daure said.
He said since the establishment of the BUP Development Ltd 10 years ago, “the management has nothing tangible like solid assets in properties and liquid cash in savings to show”.
“I am now calling on all the clan members from the three villages to stand united and address these issues in a Melanesian way for the good of our future generations to see tangible benefits,” Daure said.
“Morobe is naturally blessed in terms of natural resources and developments aspirations should be based on these resources.”