Landowners aid private health care

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SEVERAL landowner group of companies through the Mineral Resources Development Company(MRDC) have invested in the private health care system in bringing in life-saving equipment to Papua New Guinea
In a first, the landowners through umbrella company Petroleum Resources Gobe, Petroleum Resources Kutubu and Petroleum Resources Moran had invested in what had been described as a milestone achievement.
This was highlighted at the launch of the partnership between the MRDC and the Port Moresby Private Specialist Medical Centre (POMPSMC) yesterday for the new Medical Imaging and Technology Services at the centre.
Through the generous assistance from the MRDC, a CT scan and a digital X-ray machine were purchased at a cost of about K4 million.
The funding also covered the small building that houses the radiology unit where the equipment were kept. 
The small container-like building was built in Brisbane according to Australian standards to keep the equipment in.
The CT scan was the top of the range model and was the first of its kind in PNG and the South Pacific.
The machine would have  scanned in less than a minute unlike in the past where patients had to travel down to Australia just to get this service.
With the new digital x-ray machine, patients would have their x-rays taken, downloaded and sent electronically through a local networking system where the doctor would see and consult the patient about his or her condition.
Even better, the X-ray images can be sent overseas instantly for second opinion while the patient is present.
The machines produces best quality images that are exactly the same as it would get in overseas’ hospitals.
Chief executive officer of the POMPSMC Dr Mark Paul praised MRDC for its investment in the medical facility.
“The need and demand for a quality heath service is increasing and this is the pivotal time to grow with that and the way for it is to build a hospital,” he said.
In saying that, he revealed that plans were underway in refurbishing the other building just above the centre to make it the proposed hospital.
MRDC chief executive officer Augustine Mano described it as a big step for the company and thanked the subsidiary companies that took the bold steps in investing and purchasing the equipment.
He said this facility would in the long term help the beneficiaries who received equities from the resource areas.
He urged other Government entities and private companies to work together in such partnership to compliment each other.