Landowners ask for K120m grant

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THE Green Field Resources Investment Ltd (GFRIL), a landowner company from Gulf province, has called on the Government to honour its K120 million business development (BD) grant commitment.
The call was made by company managing director Timothy Irinaya, chairman Joel Kaiwari and board director Tilita Kaiwari.
They said the Government commitment was made under the PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project benefit sharing agreement (BSA) in Kokopo, East New Britain province, last year.
GFRIL was incorporated in February last year.
Mr Irinaya said from the total K120 million in BD grants committed, about K16.128 million is intended for the pipeline landowners, mostly from West Kikori.
He said there were eight areas where the pipeline would be laid when it runs through Gulf province from Southern Highlands on its way to the plant at portion 152 in Central province, near Port Moresby.
And the landowners’ landholdings covered areas 6 and 7, or about 60% of the total area.
The call was backed by Wilson Baidu, president of West Kikori local level government (LLG).
Meanwhile, Kikori district administrator Mahega Morito has encouraged the company to work hard to see that it grasped all business opportunities that would be generated by the US$15 billion (K40 billion) project being developed by ExxonMobil through its subsidiary Esso Highlands Ltd.
Mr Morito also advised GRRIL to seek funding from elsewhere as there are a lot of sponsors around but this would be through proper business proposals and funding applications.
Yesterday in Port Moresby, GFRIL management and some locals from Kikori formally announced the incorporation of the company and the appointment of Mr Irinaya as managing director.
Mr Kaiwari said GFRIL is the major umbrella company owned by PNG LNG Pipeline impacted landowners from the district identified as IKP, Rumu, Omati, Kibiri and Kerewo, the area starting up at Kaiam ferry crossing and down to Omati No. 4.