Landowners awaiting claims


The Department of Lands and Physical Planning and the Department of Works are not working to the expectations of customary landowners who raised and lodged claims for compensation of their customary lands.
Many such matters are still sitting on tables collecting thick layers of dust while insignificant bogus claims continue to attract much attention from these places.
Traditional customary landowners with genuine claims keep hitting brick walls and are going through all kinds of complicated channels without positive feedback.
These landowners are exhausting thousands of kina to do follow ups when travelling from their respective provinces to Port Moresby.
It is a costly expense. Now, who’ll be responsible to reimburse their money due to the inconsistency of the departments concerned?
Will the Government take this responsibility?
The Government has to take a drastic step forward to address this issue in conjunction with the ideology of taking back PNG.
This will greatly relieve the over-burdened customary landowners with genuine compensation claims.
Even the officers responsible to sort claims employ delay tactics expecting kickbacks for working on claims.
The Government should kick butts and have genuine claims rolled out now.
Over to the Works Department and Lands and Physical Planning Department to deliberate more on this.


One thought on “Landowners awaiting claims

  • Kain ol longlong tingting blo claim na compensation na nogat wanpla gutpla road infrastructure bai kamap lo karim gutpla development go lo ol ples blo upla. Upla born wantaim money oh..die ambaut lo bush na stap!

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