Landowners commit to help progress Papua LNG project

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The National, Friday July 24th, 2015

 LANDOWNERS in Baimuru, Gulf, say they are committed to working with the Government and developers of the Papua LNG, a spokesman says.

Purari Development Trust Incorporation secretary general Ako John said the majority of landowners and people in Baimuru supported the project despite criticisms from the Gulf provincial government and Baimuru local level government.

“The announcement had recently caused some division among everyone but after careful consideration from the silent majority of our affected Baimuru landowners and people, we have clarified our position to support the Government and the project developers,” John said.

“We, as the landowners, retract the negative comments made recently towards Prime Minster Peter O’Neill and his government by our Gulf provincial and Baimuru LLG governments in retaliation to the announcement of the proposed plans for the Papua LNG.

“We distance ourselves from the politics of Gulf and appeal to our provincial leaders to unite and work together for the project.

“We want our leaders to advise other Gulf people to refrain from using the project as a means for airing their own agendas, but stand with the Baimuru people to support the Papua LNG project.”

He added that an awareness meeting for all Baimuru communities will be held at the end of July.

“This meeting will be vitally important for our tribes and people to dispel confusion due to lack of information to fully understand the major projects so that the people are ready to work with the developers and ensure that the benefit packages adequately cover project impacted areas,” John said.