Landowners of Mt Kare told to work with appointed exploration company


The Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) has advised the Mount Kare Landowner’s Association in Enga to work only with the exploration company that the authority will appoint.
The MRA was responding to requests by the landowners’ association to renew the exploration license (EL1093) held by of Summit Development Limited for the Mount Kare area in Laigap Porgera.
The association claims that Summit had done clan-vetting processes and identified landowners.
However, the MRA maintains that the renewal of EL1093 will be done in accordance with the requirements of the Mining Act.
“The role of the regulator requires MRA to implement the prescriptive processes of the Mining Act 1992, and any related legislation, to a variety of tenement applications,” the authority said.
The MRA has not confirmed whether Summit’s application for renewal will be granted but maintains that the renewal of EL1093 will follow the requirements of the law.
“It is important in circumstances such as this that landowners position themselves to be prepared to work with the tenement holder who will eventually be granted the Mt Kare exploration licence for a new term,” the authority said.
“Only with the full cooperation of all the landowning clans, will the Mt Kare resource get to a stage where a mining lease application can be lodged with MRA.
“Approval of a mining lease will eventually lead to the development of that resource.
“MRA believes it will take several more years for this situation to occur.”
Meanwhile, MRA said the Waigani National court dismissed a judicial review application by Summit on Apr 28.
MRA said that decision made it clear that proper steps in the tenement extension process were taken.
“Continual reference of matters involving Mt Kare to litigation will only serve to delay this potential mining project further,” it said.

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