Landowners question legality of exploration


MISIMAN Voices is an advocacy group on Facebook that was created by the elites of Misima Island.
The group was created with the aim of advocating and doing awareness on the pressing issues that concern the welfare of the people of Misima.
The group has 806 members from different works of life.
The group’s current agenda is on the recent exploration that was headed by Australian junior miner, Kingston Resource Ltd.
From past experiences, mining on the island has damaged the environment and negatively impacted people’s lives. Therefore, as educated elites of Misima, we do not want to repeat the same mistake.
There were numerous occasions where letters and email have been sent to the authorities questioning the legality of the exploration and damage to the environment caused through the process of exploration.
There wasn’t any response to our letters and email.
This raises serious questions about the legality of exploration activities on the Island.
Records from the Investment Promotion Authority shows that Kingston Resource Ltd is not a registered and legal entity to conduct exploration.
Why are they carrying out explorations on the island when the company is not legally recognised?
The people of Misima, especially the 52 SML landowners would like to know and are seeking clarification from the Mineral Resource Authority and the relevant government authorities as to how the exploration licence (EL1747) ended up with Kingston Resource Ltd when they are not legally recognised by the Investment Promotion Authority to conduct business in the country.
The people would like to petition the Mineral Resources Authority and Mining Minister Johnson Tuke to explain this.

Chilubah Kelly

One thought on “Landowners question legality of exploration

  • Thank you CK for speaking out loud on behalf of us-the Silent Majority of Missima Island.
    MRA and the good Minister Tuke better have some good quantified explanation for this illegal business deal and get those culprits to face full force of the law if needed be.

    God Bless Missima & PNG Forever!

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