Landowners told: Follow the rules or face the law


Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko has warned people creating confusion by not following Incorporated Land Group rules that they will be prosecuted.
Tkatchenko told the national lands summit for the New Guinea Islands region in Kokopo, East New Britain, on Thursday that people selling land without following proper procedures would face the law.
More than 300 people attended the two-day summit, including West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel, Talasea MP Francis Maneke, Kokopo MP Emil Tammur, Gazelle MP Jelta Wong and East New Britain administrator Wilson Matava.
The Lands Department is monitoring the issue of illegal land sales and would take action on those breaking the rules.
“When we sell our land without any proper authorisation, we end up in a total mess,” Tkatchenko said.
He said settlements near towns and cities were created by greedy individuals who sell land without the knowledge of family members and the summit was intended to help stop that.
The theme of the summit is “Our land, our life and our future”.

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