Landowners told to return home

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The National – Monday, February 14, 2011

SOUTHERN Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru has called on all Port Moresby-based landowners to return home.
He also urged the government to investigate the health and public safety issues surrounding the death that forced the shut-down at the conditioning plant site.
“If CCJV is found to be at fault, it must pay compensation,” Agiru said.
He told more than 1,000 people at Para Primary School that work at the plant site must resume.
Agiru was part of a national government team, led by Deputy Prime Minister Sam Abal, which flew into Hides last Friday to pay K16 million to the Hides Special Purpose Authority.
Of the total, K6 million was the final payment of a K15 million business development grant  while K10 million was for infrastructure development, the first of a K100 million commitment for the next 10 years.
Agiru said K9 million had been paid by the Department of Commerce and Industry to landowner leaders in Port Moresby against advice from him, Francis Potape and other Southern Highlands MPs.
“Port Moresby-based landowner leaders must return home and show leadership on the ground,” Agiru said.
He said the PNG LNG project was Sir Michael Somare’s legacy.
“My dream is for Hela to become the geo-economic cockpit for PNG and the Pacific over
the next 30 years.”
Agiru urged the local people to work closely with police on the ground to maintain law and order.
“The policemen and women left their loved ones, families and their home to be with you to help you and you must respect them.”
He said that minority who created trouble must be arrested and put behind bars for the common good and order in the community.
Agiru also urged landowners not to listen to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who were brain-washing simple village people.
He said NGOs had nothing constructive to offer for the economic development in the community but for people to still beg and live in poverty.