Landowners want timetable on land group registration

National, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 10, 2011

 THE petroleum, energy and lands departments have been urged to provide a timetable for the incorporated land group (ILG) registration programme so that the landowners can return home and participate.

Interim chairman of the Juha People’s Joint Venture umbrella company Simon Bole also requested that all temporary ILG registration must stop until the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process was completed and the real landowners identified.

“The ADR process is still going on and we have the Department of Petroleum and Energy engaging Heritage Consultants to conduct the ILG registration.”

Bole said most landowners were still in Port Moresby waiting for their business development grants and ministerial commitment funds and it was not proper for the ILG registration to be conducted without them.

“All activities, including the court cases, are taking place in Port Moresby. Most of our landowners are here,” Bole said.

He said logistics and administration aspects must also be taken into account when making such decisions.

“ILG forms need to be filled out, photocopied and given to the people. Do we have electricity? Do we have an LNG office at the project sites? No.”

Bole said these basic infrastructures and logistics must be in place.

He also asked the two government departments and Heritage Consultations to advise landowners on who would pay for their airline tickets to return and participate in the exercise.

“How do they expect the people to be there? 

“DPE, lands and Heritage Consultants must tell the people. 

“The ADR is on, so, stop all ILG registration until all landowner issues are resolved in the courts.”