Lands Dept aims to tackle corruption issues

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MAJOR reforms are taking place at Department of Lands and Physical Planning to modernise it and tackle corruption issues, Minister Justin Tkatchenko says.
He said among the many reforms taking place was the fight against corruption being tackled by the PNG-Australia Partnership Programme.
Tkatchenko said the Australian High Commission had been advising his department to improve the system by providing professional service and weeding out corruption.
He announced a major audit would be carried out on the department to identify issues.
This is so recommendations will be made by the Australian government through the Australian High Commission to the PNG Government and Department of Lands and Physical Planning.
He said the assistance by Australia came with funding to help correct abnormalities in the department.
Tkatchenko said the “strata titles” concept, one where individual owners of apartment and units would be offered titles instead of the sub-lease practise, was one of the Australian High Commission recommendations they were trying to legislate and implement.
He said these changes would completely transform the department.
“We are not sitting back,” Tkatchenko said.
“We are changing the department to change perceptions about the department.
“We are getting professionals to tell us our problems.
“When I leave, I want to leave one of the best departments.
“We have one professional working with us and I’m impressed with what he plans to do from the brief I received.
“We thank the Australian Government through the Australian High Commission to find out the issues, tell us our issues and we work towards improving.”