Landslide kills mum, child

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A DEVASTATED father who escaped death while his wife and five-year-old daughter died in a landslide last Thursday at Yambra village, Imbonggu, Southern Highlands, says he was saved by God’s grace.
Fred Para lost his wife and child and in the landslip that occurred around 7pm near their home in Buiebi after the district experienced a week of heavy rainfall.
Their bodies were laid to rest on Monday.
“I am still in mourning,” Para said.
“I cannot eat or sleep as I lost my family in this landslide that caught us by surprise.
“We returned home from the market and after few minutes, the landslide happened and killed them while my nephew and I escaped.”
Yambra ward councillor Jato Pumbu said Para, who was buried in mud and debris, was quickly pulled out by relatives nearby before he would be completely covered.
Pumbu said Para’s daughter, his wife and his nephew Mosley were in the house when the moving mud and debris hit them; Mosley was able to escape and alert nearby relatives who rushed to the scene and managed to save Para.
“The mother and daughter were in a room and could not make it out in time,” he said.
“They were completely covered in the debris.
“It took about four hours for the relatives to dig and clear the debris and finally recover the bodies of the mother and daughter at 10pm.” Pumbu appealed to people living near hills to move to lowland areas and live with relatives as there was continuous rain and landslides were common in the area.