Landslide victims need help


NATURAL disasters are a threat to lives, properties and communities.
My people from Antinga village in Baiyer are victims to a landslide which lasted for four days last week.
People from the neighbouring Kombau village in Mul-Baiyer have lost their homes, properties and food gardens as well in the landslide.
As a mother, I am worried about my children because most food gardens were covered by soil and debris.
I do not know what these people and children will eat or drink.
Most of them have vacated their villages.
Natural disasters are taking place throughout the country and the Government should treat natural disasters as dangerous and should step in with assistance without delays.
Many people have left their villages in fear of another landslide.
We were lucky that we haven’t lost a life but we still fear the landslide might continue.
Our water sources are covered by mud and rubbish forcing people to live without water for days.

Pauline Palam
Teacher and Landslide Victim

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