Landslide warning out

The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

 Reports by DOROTHY MARK
THE Madang disaster and emergency office has warned people of possible landslides because of the heavy rain that is starting to hit the province.
Heavy rain was experienced from Monday night to Tuesday.
People living along the mountains near the Usino Highway had already reported minor landslides and soil erosion. Some food gardens were also damaged.
Acting assistant director of the provincial disaster office Rudolf Mongallee said weather patterns in the province were unpredictable so people living along the mountain sides must take extra care.
Madang provincial office executive officer Jimmy Uguro said the Usino area had been hit by landslides in the past. Some destroyed homes and killed people.
“We don’t want to hear (reports of) any more people buried under landslips because people must use their common sense and go somewhere safe when it rains,” Uguro said.
Mongallee said there was heavy flooding which damaged food gardens in Negeri two months ago. He said the office needed food supplies to cater for emergencies.
“I thank the few business houses which opened their doors (to assist) when we approached them for food supplies,” Mongallee said.
He said people travelling out at sea must heed the weather warnings and take enough fuel.