Landslide wreaks havoc in Simbu

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A MASSIVE landslide in Gembogl, Simbu  province, on Monday has hampered the movement of people, goods and services in the region.
The Womatne Catholic mission section of Kundiawa-Gembogl collapsed into the Kombrume Nigle River.
It was a narrow section that held the mission and a primary school in place and now villagers fear other structures might be brought down by more rain or another landslide.
 A local man from Gembogl, Vincent Don, said the landslide threw the operations of Mt Wilhelm High School, tourism sites at Mt Wilhelm, district office, Maina Vocational School, Gembogl health centre, five primary schools and many elementary schools into total disarray.
He urged the office of the National Disaster Centre and Simbu disaster and emergency office to travel to Womatne and assess the damage caused by the landslide.
Mr Don said if the road was not repaired fast, the sick would die, schools would be closed and services would be severely affected.
This is one of the many landslides that has occurred recently in the region.
This is one of the many landslides occurring in the Highlands following continuous heavy rains.