Landslip blocks South Waghi roads

National, Normal

By PATRICK TALU in Mt Hagen.

A MAJOR landslip near Kiss Bridge at Almar village in the South Waghi district of Western Highlands province has cut off the only access road from Minj to Anadakap-Minjmu and Tomne villages.
The villagers were forced to walk hundreds of kilometers to reach Minj town.
The landslip occurred last week due to heavy rain in the area, affecting more than 20,000 people from the Ngenega, Kondika and Konubuka tribes.
Other people and institutions affected were the Mondomil Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) mission station, Mondomil Primary School, Kamang Aid Post and Tumbang Primary School.
Several private and EBC vehicles were cut off from making daily runs to and from Minj.
Relatives of the late Thomas Wamil from Mondomil village, who died in the nasty accident last week in Markham Valley, expressed concern that they could not transport the body.
Gnenega councilor Kosi Bule said yesterday that he would mobilise his youths to clear up the debris if Gnenega leader and former Anglimp-South Wahgi electorate seat contender Kapil Kii consented.
Mr Bule said there was no indication of help from the local level government or the district services to clear the debris.
Meanwhile, several food gardens along the banks of Wahgi River were destroyed by continuous floods due to the overflowing Waghi River.
Attempt by The National to get comments from the provincial disaster office in Mt Hagen was unsuccessful yesterday.