Landslip kills 1, destroys homes

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A landslip at interior Boroki village in Nahu-Rawa, Raicoast district, Madang, has buried a man and destroyed more than 15 houses.
Entire families have been forced to seek refuge elsewhere.
The deceased, Daniel Wiyo, a father of eight, was buried by the landslip on Thursday night.
Elderly women Bendamoni Sawasa and Yuyure Sindango sustained minor injuries when running away in fear of oncoming debris and boulders at night.
“The landslip occurred concurrently with rain, winds and thunder on Thursday night” school teacher Kakuna Miraka said.
He said due to heavy downpour with thunder and lightning, many families were inside the house not knowing there would be a landslide.
“Some families at the foot of the mountain alerted the people as they ran away in fear of the landslip” Miraka said.
He said as people shouted and ran away in fear, Wiyo, unable to escape due to a knee problem, was buried under surging mud.
The construction company based at Angrimba village rehabilitating Ranara-Tauta Road used its excavator to recover the body on Friday morning.
After walking 5km from Ranara aid post to interior Boroki village, The National assessed the disaster that requires immediate attention from Madang government.
The lives of about 500 people are under threat from a swelling lake above Boroki village along the Finisterre Range.
The lake is likely to burst its banks any time if the rain continues.
Villagers leaving for nearby villages to seek refuge.
The road, currently under rehabilitation by MP Peter Sapia, has been badly damaged.
There is a huge watercourse created along the road by continuous surge of water from the swelling lake.
Along the Ramu Highway, Surinam Bridge and several others were affected, causing chaos to traffic on Thursday.
Continuous downpour along Usino-Bundi, Middle Ramu and Rai Coast districts in Madang is forcing various creeks and streams to burst their banks, destroying roads and bridges.

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