Landslips fund slow to reach governor


MOROBE deputy governor Waka Daimon is concerned with the time it is taking the provincial administration to process cheques to fix roads damaged by landslips.
Daimon has waited for four weeks for funding to be made available to purchase fuel for machines to remove the landslips from Watut (Bulolo) to Kapao (Aseki), Menyamya.
However, local people have taken it upon themselves to remove the landslips and boulders but then started charging commuters K10 to pass through.
Daimon said that landslips affected several sections of the road and the current wet weather was not helping the situation.
“These landslips are affecting delegates traveling to the Yabem district conference in Aseki from  this weekend apart from travellers and coffee buyers being inconvenienced” Daimon said.
“I am totally dissatisfied with the provincial administration system that hardly understands the reality of the human situation on the ground.
“These so-called officers sit in air-conditioned offices and ignore the immediate needs of the majority suffering back in villages.
“It is now four weeks after submitting required documents . . .  nothing is forthcoming.
“I discovered that after submitting several documents from the office of Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu and deputy governor to the provincial administration to be processed, a particular officer used the claims to obtain the money then diverted it to pay other service providers.”