Lapan: Elect boards as directed

Education, Normal

The National, Monday 13th May 2013


NATIONAL Capital District Education Division superintendent (operation) Stephen Lapan says the directive to conduct mass election of board of management for all schools is a District Education Board (DEB) decision. 

The decision is to allow uniformity in all schools in NCD.

He said one of the reasons why the DEB had issued such directives was because some of the boards of management overstayed their term claiming to hold on the respective positions.

With uniformity, the DEB can conduct workshops for all boards on duties and responsibilities, and also financial management workshops and other information for them to use.

Lapan is adamant that the new directive was for betterment of schools in NCD. 

“We (DEB) will not deviate from such negative comments but will push for it.”

H urged all schools, parents to support these new directives.

Lapan was responding to a statement by former board member and a parent of the Sacred Heart Primary school, in Hohola, Bede Tomokita describing it as a very messy exercise.

The NCD education division issued a circular instruction on April 12 informing all elementary, primary, vocational high and secondary schools of the direction.

Tomokita expressed concern that the circular issued did not follow proper procedures in developing and implementing government policies.

Lapan, however, said DEB had not breached any laws as it was clearly stipulated under the Education Act – Section 60 and Section 61 – on matters relating to board of management in schools throughout the country.

Tomokita said Sacred Heart Primary School was one such school that was negatively affected by the direction from NCD education division. 

He said the school had many administration issues that needed to be addressed properly.

He said the board could not address those without the help of NCD education and the Education Department.

He said some of the issues relate to teacher performances, student discipline, good governance in the school administration, academic achievements, infrastructure  development, community support and major projects financing.

“The problem of schools will not be solved by merely changing the board of management,” Tomokita said. 

“There appears to be confusion in the purpose of the election exercise, which has caused a near-confrontation among parents at a meeting  recently, at Sacred Heart Primary School.”

He, therefore, called on the Education Minister James Marape and acting secretary Luke Taita to intervene and explain to the parents and the board of management, as well as school administration, on the rationale for the NCD education directives.