Large-scale farming projects give Papua New Guineans the weekly wage they crave


LARGE-scale farming projects are a more effective investment to enhancing participation in agriculture in rural areas, Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele, pictured, says.
Vele was responding to a query from Department of Agriculture and Livestock Secretary Dr Vele Pat Ila’ava on the financial initiatives by the government to lure investors into the sector.
“We are looking at a varied approach to encourage the right type of investors for us to get the right kind of outcome.
And that allows us to look at a whole range investors,” Vele said.
“The other thing we have to be careful about when it comes to agriculture is microcredit. I am a big believer in micro-credit and a lot of people are.
“That is for us to give out small amounts all around so that mums and dads can be encouraged to participate fully in the sector.
“But the idea that all Papua New Guineans are entrepreneurs with access to credit is not correct.
What people are after is large-scale agricultural production. They want a fortnightly income, a superannuation and they want to be part of a larger team,” Vele said.
“With what we are now funding into agriculture through the Budget, I think it should be used to partner with blue-chip investors for large scale productions in the agricultural sector as there is more security in that and is better for our people in the rural areas.”