Largest drug plot in Western Highlands uprooted

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The National – Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MT Hagen police task force, during their special Christmas and New Year operation, uprooted more than 600 marijuana plants and arrested and locked up the suspect at the police cell last Thursday.
Police described it as one of the biggest marijuana plots in the province, adding that the plants were mature enough and ready for sale.
Task force section commander Peter Magulis said the operation was a success and identified the suspect as Kei Kusa, 25, from Keram village at Aviamp in the Anglimp-South Waghi in Western Highlands.
Once close enough, his men had left their vehicles and approached the plot by foot.
The suspect’s attempts to hide from police in a drain were in vain and he was locked up and charged.
Magulis said plants’ street value would be worth several thousands of kina.
He said the suspect would appear before the Mt Hagen district court today.
Western Highlands police commander Supt Kagilo Ambane commended his men saying this was one of the biggest operations they had made.
He also thanked the community leaders and the public for their cooperation, adding that the community and the police should work together to make the province a better place to live in.