Lari: Road safety officers not to take cash

Normal, Papua

The National- Monday, February 7, 2011

 PUBLIC motorists who are forced to pay money to transport officers at road blocks in Port Moresby are to immediately report the matter to the Lands Transport division.

Secretary Nelson Lari said the officers were there to carryout awareness for public and vehicle owners for the safety of their passengers and not to ask for money from vehicle owners.

Lari said this after receiving complaints from the public that some of them had been asked to give side monies so they are not booked or fined.

Lari said he was aware of such issues and would deal with those officers. 

“Any motorists stopped by traffic officers without showing receipts, should not give any cash, but report the matter,” Lari said. 

A taxi driver, from Western Highlands,  said officers had been targeting a certain group of  drivers including female drivers.