Last month meeting by women illegal: Kakas

Lae News, Normal


THE National Council of Women (NCW) president, Schola Kakas, says last month’s annual general meeting for the Morobe Council of Women (MPCW) held by vice-president Ewffo Mare is illegal.
She said, therefore, the results “will not be recognised by NCW”.
In a letter to Morobe Governor Luther Wenge on April 13, Ms Kakas said: “In view of the issue affecting MPCW, I write to advise that the NCW did not, and will not, recognise nor sanction the MPCW annual general meeting and the election of its new executives under the provisions of MPCW constitution.”
Ms Kakas said the MPCW constitution was never authorised by the NCW Act or its rule.
She said the provincial council of women was an institution established under the NCW’s Incorporated Act for its purpose, and there should be no interference from the Government and its institutions.
Ms Kakas said that the Organic Law on provincial governments, local level governments and the provincial administration did not have mandate over women’s affairs.
She said section 42 of the Organic Law did not include women’s affairs and matters.
Furthermore, she said the Minister for Community Development recommended that all PCW elections be deferred until the NCW Act was reviewed and the NCW Bill (NCW Act 2010) is passed by Parliament.
She said the decision to defer all PCW elections until the passage of the new NCW Bill still stands and was binding on all PCW, district and local councils of women.
She said upon the passage of the NCW Bill, the NCW will facilitate special meetings and supervise the conduct of elections.