Last throw of the dice for Koboni

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IT’S the last throw of dice for Koboni in tomorrow’s preliminary final at Colts oval in National Capital rules football.
The Demons meet West Coast Eagles who will be equally up to the task to eliminate the Papuans and make it an all West New Britain affair in the grand final next week. 
Much of Koboni’s chances will depend on how much Rex Leka, Vagi Lai and Lailai Ila have lifted themselves from last week’s dismal performance to help move the Demons forward with some creativity.
But the trio will be hard pressed for possession in the midfield against an equally impressive set of ball movers in Sylvester Mangaea, Peter Keu and Thomas Gori who have been the main stay for West in the engine room in recent matches.
Junior Demons in Steven Ila and La’a Vali will also face stiff opposition from fellow teen Clyde Pulah in the rucking duels while Mathew Ray, Blackie Brandon, Mathew Gracey and Junior KMB will have a mammoth task containing dangerous Boas Keu, Paul Laupu, Raga Raga and Francis Navus.
But the return of  Overa Gibson and Junior Aria to combine forces with Colin Wiltshire, David Evertius and pint-sized Tohian Robert around the packs should instill some hope for Koboni in the goal kicking department.
Gibson, in particular, is a very mobile specialist centre-half-forward with strong marking ability with good reach and  should prove a bane for West’s defence.
Both teams are  in this match on equal footing, having won a game against each other once in the normal rounds this season.