Lasting peace a must

Letters, Normal

The National- Thursday, February 3, 2011

 THE fighting between the Wabags and Taris should be stopped immediately. 

The leaders of these two ethic groups should come together and effect a peace process within this week. 

With school resuming in a week’s time, the main bus stops, especially at the Gordon and Erima areas should be freely accessible by students and the public without intimidation or fear.  

The majority of students attending schools in NCD are living around the Erima, 8-Mile, 9-Mile and areas further up who normally come to Gordon to change buses. 

In addition, Gordon houses one of the prominent secondary school in the country and hold thousands of students which include those of Taris and Wabags. If this fighting continues, these students would be greatly affected.

It is understandable that peace is not easily negotiable in such circumstances, however, for the better for all, the leader should take this on.



Semox Katkat

Wildlife settlement