Lau urges women to manage

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday 26th March 2013

 WOMEN in East New Britain have been urged to learn to manage their earnings well.

Prominent businesswoman Sandra Lau called on women in the province to learn to manage their earnings from their market sales and home businesses well.

Lau, the managing director of Tropicanna Ltd in Kokopo, said this last weekend during celebrations to mark National Women’s Day.

Lau said women needed to learn the basics of survival and managing their earnings as they were vital to sustain their families.

“Learn to manage your earnings. 

“Our children need to access basic services to live in this world today,” she said.

Lau reiterated that children have the right to health care and education and mothers have to play a big part in their lives by assisting them to access these services.

She said this meant that mothers have to critically manage their earnings from market sales, home businesses or at any business level at all to make it possible for their children to access these services.

Lau said this was also important because PNG’s life expectancy was 56 years, which is “too young to die”.