Launa faces chop

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The National – Thursday, June 30, 2011

SPORTS Philemon Embel has expressed concern over the image and the credibility of the PNG Sports Foundation following allegations of impropriety against CEO Iamo Launa.
He said as Minister responsible, it was his duty to protect the organisation from the action or inaction of officials which could compromise the foundation and effect delivery of sports programmes.
In a letter dated June 17, 2010, the Embel directed PNGSF board chairman Graeme Osborne to convene a meeting immediately to resolve the matter.
He also directed the board to recommend the suspension of Launa pending the findings of the Ombudsman, and for the board to recommend a suitable candidate to replace launa in an acting position.
Embel said in the absence of the board, he directed Osborne to investigate the allegations after getting all the materials containing or supporting the allegation.
However, the latter wrote back exonerating Launa of any wrongdoing.
Embel further stated  there would be no discussion on the matter outside the board until the Ombudsman’s report was completed.
The board may institute its own investigation if it is not satisfied with the findings of the Ombudsman Commission.
The National was reliably informed that the board would meet today to discuss the allegations of mismanagement and misappropriation of public funds by Launa.
Meanwhile, the Public Employees Association president Michael Malabag supported previous calls for the media to balance its coverage of Launa’s case.
Malabag said the allegations against Launa had begun “brewing a kettle of distasteful outcomes” to deliberately derail the progress overseen by Launa. 
He said Launa had already went before the PNGSF board  and was currently also being investigated by the OC.