Launch probe into crash


A RECENT vehicle accident at Mt Hagen involving two soldiers on duty and a female (civilian) has caused so much damage and tarnished years of hard work and efforts of every good soldier deployed in the Highlands, especially Hela.
The crash happened during early hours of the morning earlier this week and much has been said on mainstream and social media.
Why were these soldiers in Mt Hagen instead of Hela? How did the accident happen?
Most vehicles currently engaged by PNG Defence Force are Highland Mobil vehicles and these two individuals were part of a team of soldiers who stepped off from Para-Camp, PNG LNG site, for vehicle service run 11 on Monday.
They were supposed to take six Highland Mobil hired vehicles due for service to Mt Hagen Highland Mobil workshop to be serviced.
The PNG Defence Force should accept the 24 vehicles purchased last year by Exxon Mobil for soldiers deployed to PNG LNG site.