Laurabada United church invites daughters for renovation fundraising


The Laurabada United church congregation at Hanuabada invited their daughters who have married outside to other clans to attend the fundraising of the church at last Saturday.
The church, built in 1994 is where the Laurabada community, Hohodae, MILK, Kwaradubuna and Tubumaga clans in Hanuabada go to fellowship.
Church deacon Frank Guba said the church is an open hall that they have fellowship in for 25 years and have been raising funds since last year to renovate and extend the church.
Guba said the church families from the four clans in Hanuabada invited 400 of their daughters and their spouses to contribute to help the members complete the new church. He said the work on the church started last year and is close to completion.
He said the congregation is grateful that the Motu-Koitaki local level government has pledged its support to the church.
“For this fundraising we have invited our girls from Laurabada’s four clans who have married to other clans to come here and help us with the fundraising for the church,” he said.
“So far, we have done 70 per cent of the job so we need another K450,000 to finish the church, that is why we are struggling with this sort of fundraising, and we are thankful that our Motu-Koitaki assembly are going to help us also.
“We are also very thankful of the community, they have been very supportive in their contributions towards the fundraisings for the church project.”
Guba said their aim is to complete the project by Sept this year before the church’s annual bobo (thanks giving).
And through this fundraising expects to collect K40,000, which every daughter is asked to contribute K100 each.

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