Lava flow from Kadovar volcano causes panic among islanders

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LAVA oozing from a vent in the Kadovar volcano in East Sepik last Friday caused panic among people from nearby Ruprup and Biem islands.
According to Wewak Island president Pius Bugatar, from Wewak, the lava poured into the sea.
Kadovar is located south of Ruprup and 25km north from the Sepik River mouth.
Kadovar islanders have been temporarily resettled at a care centre on mainland Wewak since the eruption on Jan 5.
The Rabaul Volcano Observatory (RVO) said lava flow may have been due to collapse of the seabed it was sitting on.
As a result minor tsunamis were generated as experienced by the Ruprup Islanders, the observatory said.
In its situation report yesterday, “minor tsunamis were generated by the collapse of the lava flow with residents of Ruprup east and west coasts witnessing five or six waves”.
“They (waves) were less than one metre in height and just reached above normal high-tide marks,” the observatory said.
“They were observed to occur before the main collapse of the south-east coastal vent lava flow at 10.50am.
“Activity is now restricted to steaming and dull glow at the summit.
“The continuation of low levels of seismicity indicates that further activity my take place, but at present things are quiet.
“The eruption continues.”

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