Law and order out of control in Enga

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ENGA police commander Chief Supt Joseph Tondop has assured the people that his main focus is maintaining law and order in the province which he said has been out of control.
Tondop said this when addressing a crowd at Kompiam Station during a peace reconciliation process for two rival tribes last Wednesday.
Tondop said the Enga government, under the leadership of Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, had a vision of taking the province ahead and law and order would be his main focus.
He said the policing service under his leadership would prioritize law and order.
“I have been serving other provinces in the police force for over 30 years and it is now a pleasure to be back home,” he said.
“Law and order is not strong, that is why you continue fighting but under my command we will work to mend and patch the gaps. Tribal fighting does not reward anything good at all.”
Tondop said such mentality must change and the path should be cleared for normal flow of business and free movement of people.
Tondop said he was happy to work with community leaders, especially magistrates, councils and peace officers in peace processes.
“I want to inform you that other provinces in the Highlands region have already ceased fighting and they are focusing on development and services” he said.

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