Law and order problems arise in Madang province

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LAW and order problems in Madang province are worsening and police are calling for help.
Provincial police commander Chief Insp Anthony Wagambie Jr went on Radio Madang this week to appeal to people in settlements around town to stop all illegal activities.
Chief Insp Wagambie called on the Madang provincial government and other political and community leaders to start identifying the genuine settlers so that the “illegal settlers” could be evicted.
He said the number of people moving to the province had significantly increased while the province had also experienced increase in crime rate with so many unemployed youths looking for opportunities flooding in.
Chief Insp Wagambie said youths were now turning back to crime after the cleaning and beautification programme ended with some of them claiming not to be paid.
He said the frustrated youths, who had not being paid, had retuned to criminals activities and harassing innocent travelling public mostly local Madang citizens travelling into and back from town.
“I want action to happen and not in words and for sure we have to send every body home because they are not acting like humans.
People are not respecting the rights and freedoms of others, so we need to think seriously and address the settlement issue,” Chief InspWagambie said.
He said youths were starting to abuse the use of marijuana and homebrew and under the influence of these illegal materials; the users had no respect for others.
He said one such example was the murder of an old man by drug and homebrew consumers at the Sisiak area.
Chief Insp  Wagambie appealed to the adults producing and selling the illicit materials to destroy them or face the full force of law.
He said those who thought they could not find other ways of feeding themselves and their families, need to go back home and work on the land to earn money and not through illegal means.