Law breakers face ban as New Ireland gets tough


NEW Ireland is looking forward to enforcing the Vagrancy Act 2012 to get rid of people involved in serious crimes and breaking laws, including abuse of New Ireland customs and traditions.
New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan said people caught committing crimes would be restricted from the crime sight for a specified period of time.
“They will also be barred from receiving free education, old age pension or any of the government incentive aid schemes,” Chan said.
He announced this following an ethic clash between Sepik and Lavongai people in Kavieng this week.
Provincial police commander Gideon Ikumu said the clash took place at the Kavieng Market on Monday.
He said that incident began when a number of Sepik women jumped onto a moving boat coming in from Lavongai.
They were rushing for the betel nuts.
Among them was a Lavongai man who accidently touched the breast of a Sepik woman in the boat.
The Sepik women reported the incident to her husband who retaliated with other Sepik men, resulting in knife injuries to two Lavongai men.
The men were taken to hospital.
Ikumu told provincial executive council members that the matter had cooled down after it was found that two of those injured were in-laws of the Sepiks.
He said three men were in police custody.

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