Law, order ‘not only for police’


Police Minister Jelta Wong has called on MPs and governors to take the responsibility to  address law and order in their electorates.
“Law and order is not only for police to solve. We leaders have to be involved,” Wong said.
“We must talk to our own people.  We must go and see them and tell them not to break the law. And if you break the law, you will go to jail. They must understand the laws. Some of our people don’t understand the laws.  This is where we are.”
Wong said that after Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas said that there were escalating breakdown in law and order like tribal fighting and the unrest at the LNG plant in Hela.
Sir Peter also called for the return of the Australian police under the enhancement cooperation package to help law and order.
“We are now in talks with our Australian counterpart to bring back ECP and once we have a final submission, we will bring it to  Cabinet,” Wong said.
“We are now working day and night on a module to train our police officers,  with the help of most MPs to put our submission to the caucus as well.
“In that training module, we will take five people of Grade 12 qualifications  in each electorate  and train them to become the link between the regular  police and people.”