Law, order problems a worry

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

  LAW and order problems in the country remain a major concern for investors, a diplomat says.

Chinese Ambassador Qiu Bohua said such a negative image of the country affected bilateral relations.

“China is the largest trade country in the world at the moment and things like this are irritating our ties with them,” he said.

He referred to a robbery last year that involved a major Chinese business investment in Papua New Guinea.

PNG envoys to Asia, Europe and the United States presented their reports to acting foreign affairs and trade secretary William Dihm during a conference in Port Moresby. 

They highlighted the constraints they encountered in promoting bilateral relations, trade and investment in the countries they worked.

They said they believed PNG can find its footing in the globalisation process.

Trade and investment in Asia was described as paramount by the ambassadors in the region. They said Asia was now the way to the future and PNG’s presence there was important.

In Europe and US, the state of human rights in PNG was prominent because many European Union countries were uncomfortable with the death penalty law.

Envoy to Britain, Winnie Kiap said the media played an important role in portraying the image of the country .