Law reform body in place

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

THE Constitutional and Law Reform Commission will now be in charge of reviewing all laws of the country, secretary Dr Eric Kwa says.
Kwa, who has been reappointed to another four-year term, told The National that government departments and agencies would have to work with CLRC to review their laws to avoid duplication and save costs.
“When we do the reviews, we don’t only work with relevant agencies but we also engage with other agencies which will be affected by the law,” he said.
“We bring in a broad range of stakeholders so when we bring this big team to sit down and discuss laws, they realise that there is a comprehensive consequential effect.
“For us, it helps for consistency. It is substantive and comprehensive. It enables partnership and networking, ensuring that there is synergy and consensuses within the network.”
Dr Kwa said the Government gave them an increased staff ceiling of 50 officers from the 35 they had, so they were aiming to recruit additional officers.
“We are hoping that we can get a lot more lawyers in. If we don’t have the capacity, at least we have the money, space and facility. We will go and get someone who might be an expert to come and help us,” he said.
“That person can also build the capacity of the young lawyers to achieve the same outcome. We are locking him in to train our young lawyers. We will continue to work on the reform in the future.
“If we go back and visit it in five years’ time, our people will still be here. Those are the kinds of benefits that we are trying to show to government agencies and statutory bodies.”