Law Society urged to penalise members who defy laws

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The National, Monday 23rd January 2012

THE PNG Law Society has been urged to take action on lawyers who do not respect the constitution.
Isaac Narol, a former member of the Morobe government, is concerned about the role of lawyers-turned-politicians in the Peter O’Neill regime in the current political impasse.
Narol said they should no longer be recognised as lawyers and their law practising certificates be removed.
“A lawyer who does not respect the constitution must not address himself as a lawyer,” he said.
Narol said they must throw away their law degrees and not call themselves lawyers.
“They have failed to respect the Constitution, the core subject they have studied in obtaining their degrees,” Narol said.
He added that the call made by the chief secretary on all departmental heads to recognise O’Neill as the Prime Minister was “misleading and out of touch”.
“As lawyers, they are bound to protect the Constitution and the laws.
“We had a crisis and the Constitution has been threatened.
“I call on the PNG Law Society and all lawyers to protest on the streets fully attired with your VIPs and black gowns.
“It is a must that all lawyers address this matter as one of national interest,” he said.