Law Society welcomes judge Sawong to bench

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THE Papua New Guinea Law Society has welcomed the reappointment and swearing-in of Don Sawong as a National and Supreme Court judge.
Society president Kerenga Kua said in a statement last Friday that the re-appointment was welcome news for the 500 practising lawyers in PNG.
Mr Kua said that Justice Sawong would bring back a lot of wisdom and experience which would be quite benefit the judiciary.
“I am sure his appointment will bring a lot of happiness among these lawyers.
“We look forward to working with him daily in seeking out justice for all those who seek it.
“We extend to him, his wife and family our congratulations on his re-appointment as a judge.”
Justice Sawong was re-appointed by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission last Sept 15 and was officially sworn-in last  Dec 9.
He had a long and distinguished career in the judiciary before resigning to contest the 2007 national elections.