Law student follows lead by women MPs

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The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

UPNG Journalism student
THE changing political atmosphere in the country with the three women MPs for the first time has motivated what has been widely regarded in this country as the weaker sex to move forward and recognise their potential in equal participation.
And so a female third-year law student, Jossy Lakati, inspired by the victories of our three women leaders, has put up her hand for University of Papua New Guinea Student Representative Council presidency.
She said the lack of effective communication between the administration and the student body had shown a need for so many things to be done to improve that relation.
“If women can make it at the national level, all of us women can too and now we have a changing leadership culture in the country and we must seize the opportunity” Lakati said.
She said her main targets for contesting the council presidency included:
l    Effective communication between and among student bodies/associations, student and administration and students themselves
l    Standing for students’ internal matters
l    God-fearing influence in the system
l    Building home-builders and country developers
Lakati said it was about time the society recognised equality and potential of women and back them.
She urged women in the country to stand-up for what is right for them and not to feel defeated or suppressed.