Law students equipped with knowledge to be professional at work

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Legal Training Institute (LTI) launched the reviewed legal aid programme for their law students to equip them with knowledge of professional roles.
LTI Director Pauline Mogish spoke during the launch last Saturday in Port Moresby that the programme was formally organized in 2001.
“This programme was eventually converted into a subject through a LTI Council decision made on May 18, 2007,” she said.
Mogish said the subject will contribute not only to the trainee lawyers’, but also to larger cause of making legal services available for everyone.
The course work programme is to equip a trainee with the knowledge, technical competence, professional skills and professional role.
She said the main objective is to provide hands on experience to trainee lawyers.
Acting Public Solicitor Leslie Mamu told The National that it is an opportunity for students to engage in such programme to encourage them to take clients on board and their matters also appear in court and run trials in family court and district court.
Meanwhile Mamu urged students to learn how to be accountable in their profession
He told students to provide free legal service to the people when they join the work force.
He said legal aid service is for free and be true in what you do by helping people who are in need of legal service.
Mamu told The National that trainees must choose State Agencies like Department of Justice, Public Prosecutor’s office, Law Reform Commission and Law Society as this agencies and contribute to serve the people and nation.
Mogish not all persons who are aggrieved have access to legal assistance.
She said the legal aid service provided in the school will help the students to experience the actual court proceedings in the courtroom.
She said students will be part of the service as it will prepare them to go out and serve the people.

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