Lawlessness and drug problems soar in Abau

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The National – Monday, December 6, 2010

MARIJUANA is grown like cash crop in rubber blocks in Abau district, Central, while other illegal activities are also on the rise.
A concerned community leader on condition of anonymity revealed the alarming news of youths engaging in the cultivation and abuse of the drug, leading to serious break-down of law and order in the area.
He said spak brus (marijuana) abuse was on the rise in Moreguina and Cocolands involving primary and high school students from the ages 13 to 19 who were encouraged by unemployed youths.
He said the youths were smoking it in public places as if they were smoking an ordinary smoke and planting them in the rubber blocks.
It is unknown whether Ianu, Manabo, Domara and Upulima are in this illegal business as well.
“Not only males are involved but females are consuming marijuana as well in these two areas. “There is no law and order as police are handicapped with limited manpower and resources.
“They cannot do much with abuse of drugs, homebrew, sexual activities and also pornographic movies at respective residence (named).”
A female (named) also admitted that they smoked marijuana and watched pornographic movies with male counterparts and later commit sexual acts when they were sexually aroused.
She said this was like a network but was not involved in and isolated herself from them when it came to mid night show.
The policemen there were aware of it but turned a blind eye on these illegal activities that have been going on for some time at Moreguina because their children were involved and could not arrest them.
She said a married woman (named) was a victim of these illegal activities and was likely to divorce her husband and marry someone (named) she was involved with in the group.
The source said this female was also involved with other young men from the rubber blocks and acting innocent when the poor husband was around.
This victim admitted that it was true that they were doing this, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.